Why is it that ultimately we are not quite satisfied?

We either may have a reasonable cause to feel that life is treating us somewhat unfairly, and therefore are experiencing life out of balance.
Or we may seemingly have it all, but ultimately  feel that something is missing, that life is not quite complete.
Why is this?
And you may well ask yourself, is there anyone that you know who is truly happy and contented with life?
Is anyone you know at Peace with themselves?
I often wonder why it is that we always say after someone has passed away that we wish them to be at Peace. And we may inscribe on their tombstone the letters R I P, Rest In Peace.
Well why don't we wish it for everyone while they are very much alive?
The Hebrew word 'shalom' is used as salutation at meeting or parting and means 'Peace'. In fact it is a complete peace. A feeling of contentment, completeness, wholeness, well being and harmony.
The word Peace tends to be associated with the world rather than the individual. However for us to to have world Peace, we as individuals must first of all find our own inner Peace.
Unless you are aware of anyone either personally or indirectly who is at Peace, you may not consider it to be at all possible for you yourself to be at Peace.
Well please allow me to share with you that it is entirely possible for you to be at Peace. 
Imagine you are at a station called non-Peace, and that a little further along the track is a station called Peace. 
 I would dearly love to help you to arrive at the station called Peace.
So please purchase a ticket,  and come on board this train with me and let us start to enjoy the scenery along the way.
It could well be the very best journey of your life.
The first very significant thing to understand is that if you have made the commitment to buying a ticket, then you are effectively already at your destination.
If you think about going anywhere, say from London to Paris. 
You first of all have to believe that Paris is a real place, that it exists.
Then you go to the station and buy a ticket. That is your commitment to going to Paris. Then you get on board the train, with the very firm belief and trust that the train will take you all the way to Paris.
And finally, you arrive in Paris.
That all sounds very obvious and straightforward, doesn't it?
Well quite simply, you apply the same idea to arriving at Peace.
You first of all have to believe that it is a real place.
Then you simply make a commitment.
Therefore belief and commitment are the two most important requirements, before setting off on this beautiful journey together.
Does that make sense? I do hope so.
Stage One - I believe I can be at Peace.
Stage Two - I will commit to finding Peace.
Stage Three - I will do the work.
Stage Four - I will be at Peace.
Stage One.
I believe I can be at Peace.
If you already believe you can be at Peace, then that's wonderful news and I would  say you are already about 90% of the way to finding Peace.
Skip happily straight onto Stage Two.
If not however, then please read on.
This in many ways is the biggest challenge.
However, it is not by any means the greatest challenge.
You are reading this because ultimately you are not quite satisfied, and have an instinct that although you may well have travelled quite far in life, you still haven't quite arrived at where you want to be.  And I don't mean in terms of status or wealth, or family and friends. I am referring to your heart.
In your heart, how do you really feel?
What is your heart telling you?
Are you even listening to your heart?
When did you last truly listen to your heart?
I might suggest that these are the most important questions you will ever ask yourself. And I sincerely hope that these are the  questions  you will continue to ask yourself every day for the rest of your life.
I am going to ask you to truly listen to your heart from now onwards.
Because it is your heart that must guide you.
If you  listen to your heart, you will follow the true path,
and you will arrive at absolute Peace.
I can't really explain it any more simply than that.
Clear away all the clutter that is taking up your thoughts, so that you can begin to get a good  understanding of your true calling.
Allow me to use the metaphor of a garden.
If a garden is overgrown and full of weeds, it is quite difficult to imagine it with a beautiful lawn,  a pond,  brightly coloured flowers,  and happy chirping birds flying in and out of the shrubs.
We first of all have to do a lot of hard physical work. Remove all the weeds and  dig over the old soil and lay down fresh soil and compost.
And then we can really begin to think about what we put back into the garden to make it a place of tranquility and beauty.
Think of your mind in much the same way. First of all, clear out the clutter.
It is only then that you can begin to truly understand what is possible to achieve.
For Peace to enter into your life, you need to be rid of all that is unnecessary.
This of course is no simple task.
Let me describe for you another scenario.
Imagine you are at a crowded party in which you don't know anyone.
The room is so crowded, you can't even see to the other side of the room.
Everyone is busy chatting happily with one another and having a good time, but you are on your own.
Then imagine that there is someone highly attractive who is radiating beauty on the other side of the room, but you can't actually see them because of all the other guests.
What do you do?
You have decided that this very attractive person who you can't see,  is going to be just perfect for you.
Do you just stay where you are and hope that they will come over to you?
Do you hope that all the guests will start to move away so that your eyes will meet across the crowded room.
Or do you take the initiative and clear everyone out of the way, as you make gallant strides across the floor.
Now switch the attractive person to Peace.
So you now believe that Peace could exist. This is a massive leap.
Do you then just keep your fingers crossed that Peace will arrive one day?
Do you hope that perhaps after a long enough period of time, your life will slow down enough so that Peace will enter?
Or do you take the horse by the reigns and gallop towards Peace with no fear whatsoever?
It is upto you.
I would like to imagine that you now have the thought of inner Peace being a distinct possibility.  I would also suggest that you talk with friends about the subject and perhaps even seek out a friend, or a friend of a friend who is already experiencing Peace. That person whoever they may be, will be more than happy to share time with you and help you to a greater understanding of Peace.
All Peace workers only want to help others to also be at Peace.
Let us now progress to Stage Two.
Stage Two.
I will commit to finding Peace.
Ok, here goes.
As with anything in life,  unless you make a serious commitment to a project, it will never become a reality.
It is always about the commitment.
A commitment to a relationship.
A commitment to your children.
A commitment to your job.
A commitment to a holiday.
Unless you are prepared to make a commitment, there is no real point in starting on the project, whatever that may be.
Let us imagine you are slightly overweight and feeling unfit.
You may feel that you would like to lose weight and also wish to take up some exercise. Well unless you are truly committed to losing weight and getting fit, it will never happen. So you sign up at the local gym, and you find a healthy diet to go on.
The same applies to finding Peace.
As soon as you make that commitment to yourself and perhaps even to a close friend, you are well on your way to finding Peace.
It is as if you have gone to the station and purchased a one way ticket to Peace. That is your commitment.
Just do it. 
Stage Three.
I will do the work.
Now we are at the fun bit of our journey.
We are actually on the train now and we can take out our laptop to do some work, but we can also very much enjoy the scenery along the way.
At this point I am only going to ask that you create time for yourself.
Simplify your life and create space for you.
You need YouTime.
Savour every moment of YouTime.
YouTime is not a luxury,
it is as essential as breathing.
You need time to slow down
and almost come to a stop,
in which everything else drops away.
There is no time like YouTime.
Create YouTime each day.
YouTime Is the gateway to Peace.
Go to 'YouTime v YouTube'
And, so you will arrive at Stage Four.
Stage Four - I will be at Peace.
By now you will have experienced many more peaceful moments and have a good understanding of what is possible.
I will suggest spending as much time with nature as you can, and begin to truly appreciate the miracle of that which surrounds us every day.
The more we start to appreciate the beauty of nature, the more we appreciate our own beauty and the beauty of existence.
Then true Peace will follow.
I only wish you a very happy and beautiful journey towards Peace.
Enjoy every step.


Published: Sunday, 22 March 2015 08:30

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