Meditation through very gentle conscious breathing and accessing gentle swirling abstract colours that bring true peace.

I call this the Constellation Meditation because you are going on a trip to the stars.  All I am suggesting that you do is so very simple, and yet it could  be one of the most peaceful and transformative experiences of your life.
I think the ideal time for this meditation is last thing at night, or first thing when you wake in the morning.  But you can do it at anytime during the day so long as you can be somewhere quiet and not be disturbed.  The most important thing is to be totally relaxed and clear of any pressing engagements or activities.
If you are in bed and preparing for a good nights sleep, this is a lovely way to end the day. Ideally you would go to bed before you are tired so that you can really get the benefit of the experience before you go to sleep.
I am going to ask you to simply close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
Just breathe in and out gently,  but be very aware of your breathing. Notice your breath as you breathe in and as you breathe out. There is no need for deep breaths,  just gentle and soothing natural breathing.
I breathe in.
I breathe out.
I breathe in.
I breathe out.
I am going to ask you to continue breathing in this way,  but now start to notice what you are seeing even though your eyes are closed and it is dark.
You will notice gentle and subtle colours and abstract shapes gently moving.
Think of the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights as they are also known. Or think of looking out at the Galaxy as if you are on a space shuttle.
You will start to notice beautiful colours and abstract forms gently moving.
I am asking you to notice what is gently unfolding in front of your eyes as you continue to pay attention to your breathing.
Open up your mind as if you are an astronaut in space.
You would be highly conscious of your breathing,  but you would also be looking in amazement at the galaxy in all its pure perfection.
Just open up to what is unfolding behind your eyes, a whole beautiful universe of gentle peaceful swirling misty colours and patterns.
The more you allow yourself to let go and become absorbed in this other world, the more at peace you will become.
You will feel peace coming over you and a deep warm glow within your heart.
You will be transported to a place of absolute tranquility.
The more that you practice this simple but beautiful meditation, the quicker and easier it will be to access the feeling of peace and tranquility.
This is so very simple to do, but is such a transformative and moving experience.
If you can access peace in this way for even just 10 minutes a day, you will be transformed.
I wish you a very happy and peaceful Constellation Meditation.
It may well turn out to be one of the most peaceful experiences of your life.


Published: Wednesday, 15 April 2015 21:36